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Mosaic Pre-K Center @ 107-17 Northern Boulevard

School Quality 

The DOE develops tools to help families and educators understand student achievement and school quality. The reports on this page provide information about school quality from multiple sources. These sources include feedback from students, teachers, and parents. Reports also include information from formal school visits and a variety of student achievement metrics.

The School Quality Snapshot provides families with a summary of each school. The data captures the schools learning environment and student performance.
The School Quality Guide is a detailed report about this school that includes complete results from the NYC School Survey and more information on student achievement. Due to COVID-19, the DOE did not conduct Quality Reviews of any schools since the 2019-20 school year.
Please visit the 2019-20 School Quality Guide to see the results of the most recent Quality Review at this school.
107-17 Northern Boulevard 
Corona, NY 11368
8:00am - 2:20pm
All students will be provided with breakfast and lunch.
Pre-K Full Day